Saturday, September 25, 2010

Seven-Day Starting

White fertile morrows
Strengthened by veering jade
Lamented in an unending sorrow
That’s what my will been made
Constant cheering of the heart
Widened brought my part.
So comes my futures door,
A week counting more.
All will face the sonnet change
Places, peers be arrange.
Love may knock unto my soul
The passion unknown recall.
Still searching inside, before come beguiles
About what I am in misery’s smiles
Or joy’s tearful ride.
Step to form a wealthy trade
Or fall to the abysmal blade.
After Sunday passes, come be the day.
A balance by the morning way.
Meditating closely on the dunes of heaven
So to know the jovial songs I hum
And for the verity of what I want to become.
This will all see light after the waiting of seven.

*written on June 2, 2002 upon stepping into the gates of university life

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