Sunday, August 29, 2010

As I Near a Training

We walk our walk
With every minute of self-talk.
A routine circling day
Holding dreams at bay.
Living at a give-and-take
Counting hours to spend in wake.
Morning embrace with coffee cup
Then on and on in that city of a crap.

Though I may buy and point
Like my job materially annoint.
But on the days that pass
I knew a hollow space amass.
When naught a smile beats a heart
And your body, mind apart
All the place lose its color
Even scrapers flat to no more.

When your feet seems to drag
Like dogs’ tail can’t wag
My throat even can’t utter
Until I force it to mutter
Selling a cause I don’t even care
I look above in a weeping stare.
O! How far should I lie?
Is job enough to get me by?

copyright ryanraƱeses Aug-27-2010

On Thinking of Morrows and Yesterday

Time is wilting…then anew.
Another clock to waste
a second no clue.
Place where no one predicted.
Hall of scholars shed.
If naught the pictures save
My mind simply to slave
It’d be telling story ether
Again twice the troubles,
The blithe and adieu!

ryanraƱeses 06/07/02