Sunday, October 10, 2010


O! I can’t simply sleep
In the scent of the midnight deep
On the time of the early dawn
My eyes open as the lion’s moan.

O! I can’t simply sleep
When it is simple and too cheap
Were all poor and rich can fairly get
But I can’t even glimpse more so met

O! I can’t simply sleep
If my bed is warm and silent beep
These thoughts injects caffeine strength
May keep me awake for three nights a length.

Is it a cunning disease
Or sleep fairy’s tease
I tried counting thousand herds of sheep
But O! I can’t simply sleep.

Looking at our olden Britannica
It seems that I have insomnia!

*April 25, 2002 Thursday; written out of desperate sleeplessness and unreleased thoughts to the Great Void.

At the Sea

We sail the world
Like flocked birds migrating
Yet we’re all alone,
In solitude,
In that silence,
Sometimes afraid,
Too often troubled,
Enflamed by love,
Satisfied by beauty
We travel seas apart
Miles away
Only to find home
Is where we are
In our naked selves.
Yes anchors are up
Our rudders turning
Winds…our breath blowing
Often we hurry
Then at times lazy
We cram and procrastinate
rushing and tumbling.
We time our actions
Our deeds rehearsed
But plans are maps
Written lands and waters
however life at sea
Are lived
all but a day.
We sure do sail
All over
Even under
Above the clouds
And to the wonders
Praying at storms
Cease and abate.
At triumphs
Bottles are raised
Toasting to the God,
Who created the waves
Thanking the heart
That beats
And the love
that made them be.

Sailors are sons
Of the great Poseidon
But pirates,
They are warriors
Of this vaster blue.
Whichever flag
tied on the mast
We all sail
With our reason paddling
For dreams we row
Our lives as boats
At the sea.