Saturday, September 25, 2010

Eros’ Decree

Claim my dear my heart!
Accept this love of mine.
You my phantom of cheer
Created my feelings and all that is to fear.
You lit my soul in this gloom-filled days
Laud my emotions
Through the crowd of this restless place.
Veracity will not pass again like this.
To you I evoke my life to suffer and to cease.
None is nigh for this love inside.
Yet there is you from now ‘til heavens beside.
The anguish by solitude delivered my body my mind to frail.
O cohere with me on this lonely tale.
Eternally you would be wooed.
faithful until the mountains relieves it’s stood.
No obstacle to reach the velvet sky.
O’er my love is strong and does not die.
The longing for your heart and through its shadow
I come to profess to let me be to peace
the thousand cheers and maybe of sorrow
All from the heavens, a little Eros inside flaming bliss.

*a poem of February 5, 2002. A poem given to someone and returned.

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