Sunday, October 10, 2010


O! I can’t simply sleep
In the scent of the midnight deep
On the time of the early dawn
My eyes open as the lion’s moan.

O! I can’t simply sleep
When it is simple and too cheap
Were all poor and rich can fairly get
But I can’t even glimpse more so met

O! I can’t simply sleep
If my bed is warm and silent beep
These thoughts injects caffeine strength
May keep me awake for three nights a length.

Is it a cunning disease
Or sleep fairy’s tease
I tried counting thousand herds of sheep
But O! I can’t simply sleep.

Looking at our olden Britannica
It seems that I have insomnia!

*April 25, 2002 Thursday; written out of desperate sleeplessness and unreleased thoughts to the Great Void.

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